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Jessy and Joseph Martens are veteran musicians playing a huge variety of covers and as many as six different instruments at a time. While playing guitar, drums, violin, mandolin and harmonica, Jessy and Joseph sing strong lead vocals and rich harmonies with a sound more like a full band than a duo. They have extensive music careers separately but came together 15 years ago over their shared love of Country, Pop and Rock music to create their combo Junosmile. They have worked around the world for Disney, Universal Studios, Hard Rock International and more. Jessy and Joseph have been married for 10 years and continue to tour every year in the United States but have also taken their music abroad to Europe and China. Junosmile is a fun and entertaining act taking requests and interacting with audiences for the perfect live music experience. Click on the links to learn more about Joseph’s Weekly Award Winning radio show Sunday Morning Coming Down and follow them on their travels. And about Jessy Lynn and her recording catalog and projects which includes the record “Cherlene” written and recorded for the hit tv show Archer on FX.

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